COVID has changed everything.

HACK CLUB used to be a network of high school coding clubs & in-person hackathons. Someday, we’ll get back to that.

During COVID

We’re trying to make Hack Club the best place on the internet to be a teenager into technology.

Weekly Hack Club AMAs
Student Workshops
Students going wild on a Zoom call

Student-run workshops every week on coding, cooking, drawing, everything.

Watch a recent live-code

Sharpen your coding skills in online hackathons like the COVID-19 Global Hackathon.

See upcoming hackathons

A 24/7 high schooler community. Get coding help, share projects, meet your closest friends.

Have a coding question? Looking for project feedback? You’ll find some fabulous people to talk to in our global Slack (Discord-style online groupchat) with 8,000+ members, active at all hours.